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Unified Communication to the Next Level – Lifesize Icon Series Upgrades

Lifesize is one of the few companies that have their own video conferencing hardware (Icon Series) and software (cloud) and also collaboration tools (Kaptivo digital whiteboarding) in one offering. Lifesize is the definition of unified communications.

“Video conferencing and virtual collaboration are now essential productivity tools for knowledge workers everywhere,” said Lifesize CTO Bobby Beckmann. Software updates for Icon Series are automatic but one can still control when exactly it happens so there is no awkward connection loss in the middle of a meeting. You can also manually upgrade it when you’re not using their Cloud solution. 

There are a couple more features added recently such as Lifesize App for Slack, required password uses for meetings, and more integration of Kaptivo Rooms for whiteboarding collaboration tools during meetings. There are improved add-ons for Microsoft Outlook and Google G Suite, group chats available in all meeting types, and raise hand options and waiting rooms for larger meetings.

But the single Lifesize thing that once again will revolutionise the world of video conferencing is Lifesize Connect. Available for Icon 300, 500 and 700 as of December 2020 and January 2021, Lifesize Connect will enable Bring Your Own Meeting in the boardroom, using Icon series and a favourite application from the laptop. Lifesize Connect is a physical connection between the laptop and the boardroom system, providing the superior audio and video from the boardroom equipment, to the laptop. Webex, Teams, Zoom or any other application can now be used in a giant format.

With multiple meetings across various platforms happening throughout the day, modern meeting rooms need the flexibility required for the larger offering of applications. Lifesize Connect typically makes sure meeting rooms are designed for meetings and not just one application.


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