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Ipevo Totem 120

Ipevo TOTEM 120

IPEVO has a diverse range of products and is best known for its range of document cameras. With the introduction of the TOTEM range, IPEVO takes a solid step into the world of video conferencing. At the same time, it stays true to its goal of providing affordable and practical tools that enable teachers and business professionals to create dynamic and interactive presentations and learning environments.

IPEVO’s mission statement is providing affordable and practical tools that enable teachers to create dynamic and interactive learning environments. They do so with a focus on accessibility. This has a twofold meaning in IPEVO’s approach to product development. Products need to be easy to use and provide only the functionality users really demand. Products also need to be both high quality and affordable.

In this review we will explore the key aspects that make IPEVO TOTEM 120 a valuable and accessible asset in learning and business environments.

A multimode collaboration camera

TOTEM 120 is a multimode camera. It combines the functionality of a conferencing camera with that of a demo cam and a document cam. These may seem very different use cases for a single camera, but the fact is that TOTEM 120 delivers on that promise in an ingenious way and with excellent quality.  IPEVO’s motto for this camera is “Aim high, see wide, work smart”, so let’s unpack that motto and see what it means.

Aim high

Ipevo TOTEM 120 is a high-quality camera. It comes equipped with two 8-megapixel lenses and stands 33.5cm tall. This height means that the camera is close to eye level, providing a natural view of the speaker. You can slide the body of the camera up between the two vertical bars to adjust the height even further. The camera can be extended to a maximum height of 51,5cm. This means that if you want to present while standing, you can easily raise the camera an additional 18 cm to provide a comfortable view of the presenter. 

Putting the Ipevo Totem 120 at eye height.

No need to worry about stability: almost all of the 450gr the camera weighs is in the 6cm wide base, and even when fully extended it is rock solid.

See wide

As the name of the camera indicates, TOTEM 120 comes with a 120-degree field-of-view lens. A wide field of view is especially important when more than one person sits or stands in front of the camera. This means that TOTEM 120 is ideal for group calls or classroom use. 

Ipevo Totem 120 wide field of view

TOTEM 120 can automatically adjust focus, exposure, and white balance. The camera also comes equipped with AI stage. When AI stage is activated (using the button on the camera), it will zoom in or out to make sure that every participant stays in the frame. If the camera is used by a single presenter, the AI will Zoom in and place the presenter in the centre of the image. Additionally, the device’s AI algorithms can perform real-time image enhancement, improving readability and clarity for projecting documents or showing objects.

Work smart

Working smart means making the most of what your device has to offer. And TOTEM 120 offers a lot. In addition to the 120-degree field-of-view camera it comes with an 80-degree field-of-view camera, allowing you to use the camera in 2 additional modes. Switch to the 80-degree auto-focus lens using the topmost button on the camera. There are two LED indictors right under the cameras that indicate which one is active – in addition you will briefly see a FOV indicator pop up indicator on your camera feed. Pull the camera body up and let it lean forward until it rests on a pair of stops, placing it at a 45-degree angle, and you are ready to demonstrate your product, do hands-on tutorial videos or do classroom experiments with a comfortable field of action. 

Ipevo Totem 120 in action as document or object camera

For the next mode, gently angle the camera further down and it will snap into a 90-degree angle. You can now use it as a document camera. For added convenience, press the 180-degree rotation button so your audience can easily read along while the 80-degree camera angle gives you ample space to work in.

Additional features

In addition to the camera AI, TOTEM 120 also comes with AI-enhanced voice technology. Powered by intelliGo, this AI filters out background noise from the omnidirectional microphone included in this product. The AI focusses on the human voice and filters out any additional noise from your environment. AI voice is accessible via a button on the body of the camera. A white LED light under the microphone indicates the mic is in use. A blue LED light indicates the AI is active.


IPEVO TOTEM 120 Multimodal Collaboration Camera is an exceptional teaching tool that provides educators with an array of valuable features for enhancing classroom instruction. These same features have multiple applications in creative business environments and training scenarios. 

This versatile device empowers teachers to create engaging and interactive learning experiences, both in physical and virtual classrooms. Whether delivering dynamic presentations, demonstrating experiments, or sharing visual materials, TOTEM 120 is a great asset that can transform both physical and on-line classrooms in a rich learning experience. 

The intuitive and easy-to-use integrated functions, combined with its competitive price, make TOTEM 120 accessible for everyone.


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