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DEKOM Customer Event 2023

Customer Event 2023 (November 30).

Dutch Podcast with guest speaker Jean-Paul Weterings (DEKOM) about the November 30th (2023) customer event at DEKOM in Breda.

2023 Customer Event (2023)
Aan de mic: Jean-Paul Weterings

The 2023 customer event at DEKOM, in Rijsbergen (Breda) was a great event filled with AI inspired topics. Main presenters were Microsoft, DEKOM and a special appearance by 4 time Olympian and one of the best hockey players in the world, Félix Denayer.

Félix Denayer

The 2023 event, hosted by Microsoft and DEKOM, gave visitors a glance at what AI will bring in modern work spaces and how AI is going to transform the meeting room. Meeting room technologies with AI featured capacities will have a drastic impact on how people will communicate. Sometimes this is not just good and DEKOM highlighted what 2024 will bring in terms of artificial intelligence.

A video with an impression of this day.

90 people attended this event, featuring Cisco, Lenovo, Neat, Microsoft, Humly, Logitech, HP Poly and DEKOM.


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