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Barco ClickShare Bar - Wireless Conferencing Bar

Barco truly enters the video conferencing space

Barco is widely known in our industry for ClickShare. With regards to wireless presentation Barco is the one and only trusted device for hassle free presentation in conference rooms. Barco ClickShare is famous because of the button, to be connected to the USB of the laptop and providing the single click duplication on the big screen.

A while ago, Barco introduced a new line of Barco ClickShare, upgrading the CS-100 and CS-200 devices to a line of C5, C10 and CX20, CX30, and CX50, the latter 3 being able to attach a (web) cam and enable Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) experiences in equipped conference rooms.

Shortly before the capture of the market by either Teams or Zoom, multiple applications caused nuisance in many multi purpose rooms. The big screen, the augmented audio, the expensive camera should have all promised hassle free conferencing, but users experienced long wait times before starting their favourite meeting app. Barco changed that with CX20 and models above: laptop users could connect their laptop and instantly start a meeting from their own device, using the integrated systems of the room.

Since the massive deployment of Zoom and Teams Room systems, the sudden need for these devices dropped. Users with ‘a favourite app’ were forced to use either Zoom or Teams, provided by the in room meeting system. Barco did not acquire a significant share in the meeting room devices, but Barco did continue to be the default wireless presentation system.

Barco ClickShare Bar Pro
The all in one meeting device by Barco.

This may all change by Barco’s 2024 introduction of Barco ClickShare Bar Core and Barco ClickShare Bar Pro. With the introduction of these fine looking devices, Barco has truly entered the arena of conferencing and is no longer just an option to add into the eco system. Barco’s nicely designed video bars offer all in one complete solutions for conferencing, setting itself apart from meeting room devices like Neat, HP, Logitech or Cisco with the exclusive buttons. (Users still need their laptop).

Barco ClickShare Bar will be popular in organizations looking for a quick set up of multiple rooms, providing standards across branch offices. The ease of Barco ClickShare Bar is the capacity to mount it above an existing display and not having to modify further in rooms. Room system resources are not required, since the laptop will remain the default system for communication.

Bar Core and Bar Pro set themselves apart from each other with dual display support for the Pro version, touch back capacity and 4K content sharing. All basic and essential functionality is present in Core. A strong value with Barco is the price point, with Barco ClickShare Core being just a bit more expensive than Barco ClickShare CX20.

Barco ClickShare Bar for wireless conferencing in meeting rooms.
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