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Pexip MS Teams interop service

Pexip’s Cloud Video Interop Service (CVI) with Microsoft Teams

Many VC hardware solutions claim to have interoperability with different software solutions, among which Microsoft Teams. However, integration with Microsoft Teams requires an official certified CVI (Cloud Video Interop Service). This is best described as a road tax that is due upon traveling Microsoft (Teams’) road. It is the combined price for interoperability and taxes for Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.

Systems like Polycom and Cisco are now easily called ‘Legacy’ systems. Legacy may refer to the past, but certainly these systems have not been overtaken by others in terms of quality and many other aspects.

Pexip bridges the connection between the legacy systems and Microsoft Teams with its CVI and connection service. Upon implementing this service, the connection between Polycom or Cisco and the new world of Microsoft Teams becomes easy, also by means of the OTJ button (One Touch Join). The operation panel shows a green button that will start the meeting without any hassles.

Pexip is one of the very few focused on Microsoft Teams integration with certification and full support. That focus for a CVI in the trendy Microsoft Teams provides the advantage of having the full native experience in the integration for third parties. Especially to make life easier for the external contacts that need to join in a MT meeting by simplifying those complexities of different workflows.

Pexip Room Connector bundles have the unique flexibility to be a part of the Pexip service or if preferred a self-hosted disposition (public or private cloud). One can use the software licensing options for Room bundles with the same Microsoft Teams solution. Security features in calls include displaying all audio-only invited guests on screen with their initials or profile picture as they speak.

Pexip (Norwegian, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange) is a company with European data jurisdiction and the only provider of both Teams CVI and Google Meet CVI. Apart from the CVI service, Pexip offers scalable solutions for companies looking for Quality of Service (QoS), ease of use in software based video conferencing and endpoint connection through cloud or on premise services.

Pexip did justice by focusing on the details that most vendors overlook when wanting to promote interoperability with Microsoft Teams. That is why something it isn’t always about how many integrations there are but how efficient one platform can be to make meetings easier for organisations who deal with many external global connections.


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