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Sharp NEC brings ME 2 series

Sharp NEC brings ME 2 series

For best-in-class visual performance and value, the second generation ME series commands feature-rich professional capabilities for meeting rooms and signage applications. The multi-functional Sharp MultiSync® displays with high haze panel, native USB-C connectivity, and quick input detection appeals to Enterprise users for Bring Your Own Device simplicity, supporting hybrid workflows and spontaneous meetings.

The new displays are extremely fit for signage solutions, but most recommended is to consider these displays for huddle rooms and mass deployment of video conferencing set ups.

A nice “need to know” is that these displays are now Sharp branded, but the displays still feature what both Sharp and NEC unite, which is first class displays, total cost of ownership features that are unmatched in the industry and excellent performance from unboxing till 5 years of heavy duty work down the road. Larger corporations and enterprises are already familiar with Sharp NEC displays for many years, since NEC has been a standard due to its excellent performances, but with the new price points, these displays are now also getting more popular in SMB spaces. 

With 450 nits of brightness and 18/7 recommended operating hours, ME series 2 are great assets for visual excellence in practically any office.