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Poly announces Poly Sync

Polycom communicator was 15 years ago. Today Poly announces Poly Sync and here is why it will be an instant hit:

Poly Sync, a new product line of bluetooth USB speakerphones for calls and music or multimedia that has the smart microphone technology to focus on the speaker and block all other background noises.

Poly Sync 20, Poly Sync 40 and Poly Sync 60 are designed for a work from anywhere environment. Poly are proud to have Poly Sync 20 as being the first certified Zoom personal speakerphone. Besides Poly they are also certified for Microsoft Teams integrations.

More than half of the corporate businesses will transform in a hybrid workforce between offices and WFH, that is why these portable, user friendly, and sleek designed Poly smart speakerphones will definitely come in handy.

In addition to its comfort, Poly Sync 20 and 40 can also be used as a power bank for smartphones during travel and meetings. This is primarily useful for fellow iPhone users since Apple decided not to include chargers anymore with new phone purchases. IT Admins are also able to manage remotely the deployment and firmware updates of Sync devices in the field.

Poly are most likely ahead of the game already prepared for the next workspace trends in a rapidly adapting market for simple but high quality and multifunctional design of speakerphones as the demand for virtual meetings and video conferencing continues to increase.


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