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Previously Loved Equipment (PLE) and New but Open Boxes (NOB)

Previously Loved Equipment, a better way to efficiently dress meeting rooms

Previously Loved Equipment (PLE) and New but Open Boxes (NOB) with up to 80% more attractive pricing see dramatic increase in demand during lockdowns all over Europe. Competitive conference kits find way to the home offices as well.

The harsh reality is that many companies faced difficulties and had been forced to change conference rooms and meeting rooms. Some meeting rooms, completed in March 2020, have never been used at all. On top of that, the meeting rooms were designed to collect 5 or 6 people inside a tremendous small space. Needless to say that these rooms aren’t Covid compliant and do not constitute to the ‘new normal’. Forced remodeling, but also unfortunate bankruptcies, flooded the market with conference systems that have no new homes.

A well assorted selection of conference systems and displays is now available through the specialized channel. Poly, Cisco, Lifesize, StarLeaf and Konftel have numerous systems with minimal usage, but can’t wear the label ‘new’ anymore. The same goes for Samsung, LG and NEC displays, along with some Crestron and Extron components.

In a time that conference rooms or meeting rooms get a complete new characteristic due to As A Service offerings (xAAS), the availability of meeting room equipment at far lower prices is a tremendous good opportunity for those looking for spot deals. Conference equipment itself is no longer the single most important determining factor in designing a room, but the availability of services, the compatibility with CVI (Cloud Video Interop) services and the direct availability is important.

Integrators see new opportunities with conference equipment with limited prior usage, because in the new situation, conference equipment is offered as a service, for a period of 1, 2 or 3 years in a ‘pay as you go’ model.


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