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Samsung Flip 2.0 (WM65R)

Samsung Flip is very hard to beat

Samsung does not have a great reputation in the whiteboard industry, but since the launch of Flip (Samsung Fl!p, 55″) several years ago, Samsung has taken the industry by storm and has set new bars in the whiteboard market. Samsung Flip is named Flip because it traditionally replaces the flip-over but it also features a rotating bracket behind the display, allowing to switch the display from landscape to portrait mode on its pedestal, with the push of one hand.

Samsung Flip 2.0 with the optional tray as a more powerful connectivity extension.

Samsung Flip in its first version came in two versions: wall mountable or on the pedestal. With a price point of around 2.000 euros this 55″ touch display soon became a default for small sized collaboration rooms. Now how come this display became so popular, while other vendors offer 65 or even 75″ displays at this price point, featuring many more applications and tools?

It maybe is exactly the latter: Samsung Flip can hardly do anything and that is the beauty of Samsung Flip. With no training every user can become a Flip-expert. Samsung Flip hardly houses software, it has its own operating system. Upon launching, you may immediately start drawing using your fingers or the pen. The pen has a sharp end and a thicker end, respectively for writing and marking. The bezel recognises if you use the thin end and makes a fine line and recognises the thicker end for marking. The preset colors are also different. Pushing the end on the display toggles between colors.

When done with drawing on a page, you may simply swipe to a next page and the drawing will remain on the roll, just as the flip-over also still has the page on the turned over side. Obviously, the advantage of Flip is to save and mail the work, but simultaneously we have entered into some of the most advanced gimmicks of the board. Sharing a display wirelessly is also possible, making a snapshot, it definitely has some nice features, but the most loved feature is its simplicity. Customer feedback is also convincing: users love the fact that you can whiteboard with freedom, without the need to become an expert in useless software.

The connectivity tray is an option on Samsung Flip 2.0

Samsung Flip 2.0 is the successor of Flip. And obviously a number of features is newly born, but Samsung remains with the simplicity. Flip 2.0 is available in a pedestal version as well, but most remarkable is the choice between two sizes: the 55″ version has the 65″ companion, with an important characteristic that this display does not flip. (The rotation is only possible on the 55″ version).

In addition to the choice of sizes, Samsung offers the connectivity tray as an option. The connectivity tray makes it possible to use a number of more inputs and outputs with ease of use, but one of the nicest functions is the display out mode: whatever is done on the board, could be transferred immediately to an input source. Imagine the power for video conferencing, the display can easily be the shared image during a call, making live drawing in video conferences really easy and professional.

Samsung Flip in short:
4K (3.840 x 2.160) resolution touch display
Integrated speakers
InGlass Technology (Frog)
55″ or 65″ size (55″ version rotates)
Price point: starting at app. 1.900 euros in Europe, $ 2.000 in USA.


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