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Samsung Flip and Webex Room Kit Mini

Webex Room Kit Mini and Samsung Flip: power combo

Samsung Flip (2.0) is quickly becoming the boardroom’s and huddle room’s favourite for collaboration. The simplicity and accuracy in combination with the price point make this display a kind of standard and a ‘need not think long of’ upgrade from a non-touch display.

Samsung Flip, the popular digital whiteboard, or simply: electronic flipchart.

Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini is a compact video conferencing and collaboration device optimized for huddle space and small meeting rooms. Combined with Flip it brings people together to collaborate across any distance.

Samsung and Cisco Webex together provide businesses with optimal meeting room solutions to create a connected and collaborative experience like never before. With Webex on Flip, all users will have a smooth conference experience in crisp, clear clarity. Collaboration is the core focus of Webex on Flip, allowing multiple meeting participants to share the screen in real-time and create the most efficient meetings possible.

Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini, a complete ‘above the display solution’.

Cisco’s Webex is a powerful meeting environment for business critical video conferencing. Webex is a platform for software and hardware and combines Cisco’s power in an alternative to Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Webex was originally added to Cisco’s portfolio as the world’s default webinar environment, and gained traction in the collaboration industry through its Webex Enabled video conferencing.

Cisco previously struggled to embrace small and medium business because of the enterprise and government stigmas it suffered from. However, recent years have shown a gradual increase of SME’s working with Webex.

With Webex Room Kit Mini and Samsung Flip, Cisco (and Samsung) target just any meeting room. A Webex account for the device and the hardware itself make this combination a very good alternative for Google Jamboard, Microsoft Surface Hub 2 or any touch enabled Zoom Room.


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