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Pexip is the best solution in hybrid environments

Pexip is not an alternative to Microsoft Teams per sé. Nor is it a replacement of Cisco or Poly (fka Polycom). But then what is Pexip? Why is it that modern companies massively adopt Pexip as the preferred service for video communication?

Pexip is the Norwegian professional provider of (cloud) based video conferencing solutions, with a portfolio of scalable solutions for the professional market.

In this video, Marius Nilsen explains what sets Pexip apart from others.

To start with, Pexip can be deployed as a service in the cloud or on own servers (on premise) for a variety of video applications. Pexip calls itself the scalable platform because a user adopts only what he needs.

Pexip is designed to give desktop (or tablet) users a better experience through better to understand interfaces (both via application or webbrowser). Being very limited in functionality, Pexip focuses on what really matters: quality in video conferencing.

Pexip uses a distributed architected network consisting of local points of presence to which the traffic is directed. The result is a virtual private network for video conferencing, as opposed to Teams or Zoom, that randomly emits video traffic across the internet. The result is a perfect, lip synch, low latency and highest audio and video quality.

The effect of low latency is demonstrated in this quartet film, using 100% synchrony.

Ease of use
The green button (One Touch Join) is becoming famous, but what does it really mean? For Pexip, this means that endpoints (like Cisco series) are registered with the Pexip service and the green button appears, for the magic joining by just pressing THAT button. This takes away the hassle of meetings becoming impossible because of complex dial strings. Again, Marius Nilsen explains this in his video narrative, but it is good to see the reasons why in the video below:

Pexip explaining the benefits of ease of use in a funny video.

Obviously, all manufacturers and vendors have their ease of use videos and their simplicity to end all stupidity methods. But, Pexip really crowns something, because it bridges Poly systems, Cisco systems, Skype for Business or Teams eco systems and manages access through a scanned QR code. Now, that is hitting several birds with one stone.

Ease of use is further elaborated in Mario Nilsen’s film, but another thing that makes Pexip stand out is Adaptive Composition. The term adaptive composition is quite hard to explain, so once again a movie clip to show what it really means.

Adaptive Composition makes video conferencing natural.

After having used Adaptive Composition, users are quickly spoiled with this functionality. This technique is not mastered by any other vendor and makes it easy to understand why professionals like Pexip.

Pexip is a scalable service that is being offered in modules to corporates and professionals, in need of the next generation video conferencing technique. Pexip offers Enterprise Connect Services for existing endpoints, incorporating One Touch Join functionality along with the calendaring and scheduling and providing virtual meeting rooms to every user. Traffic is handled in an intelligent way, making sure that video traffic routes intelligently the shortest path available, providing quality and low latency. Pexip offers desktop applications (or for tablet and phone) with ease of use and the perfection required to replace business travel. For both legacy boardroom systems (like Poly and Cisco) Pexip can bridge between these systems and Microsoft Teams, making a universal integration absolutely possible.

Funny little side note: Pexip could be much cheaper than Zoom! Ask a Pexip certified expert how to benefit from real quality video conferencing.


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