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Ava Security & Surveillance

The smart office includes smart surveillance

Security or surveillance is no longer a matter of just the building. Today’s modern companies have a strategy developed towards security, safety and protection and this stretches well beyond the ‘usual suspects’.

From people that once developed at Tandberg (now Cisco) and obviously from Norway, is Ava. Ava pioneered as Vaion entering the world of unified security and reinvented security and surveillance. How is Ava best explained? Well, at the moment Ava doesn’t have a direct competitor, so it can’t be compared to x or y. Instead, Ava is best explained as the provider of security cameras that are cloud connected and work with extreme nice levels of intelligence.

Ava Dome Camera
Ava Dome Camera, the camera that brings AI to the surveillance.

Ava, with its companion software Aware, allows organisations to install high end security cameras that work with software that detects, that counts, that alerts and informs. But what exactly does it detect, and how does it count, and how does it alert and how does it inform? This is what is called ‘smart security’ and provides a whole new dimension to security. This needs more explanation: the Ava cameras are AI performing cameras and attribute to knowledge instead of data or images. Some examples best describe the possibilities.

A simple video, highlighting the ease of installation and unveiling some of the benefits of smart security.

Predict events before they become incidents, how many people are there in the office, are there free parking places, who entered the warehouse at irregular times, is the conference room too crowded? These are all types of events that could be programmed as predictable outcomes by means of anomalies detectable by the cameras.

The whole picture, highlighting why Ava stands out.

Security or surveillance is not an extension of conferencing, nor is it part of the ecosystem, but the knowledge and installation capacity of installing audio & video based solutions bank on the same principles. But this is not the only reason why certain AV companies jump on Ava, there is more: smart security and surveillance becomes an integral part of the smart office concept and that is providing ease, efficiency and intelligence to today’s workplaces.

Via this link you can get a demo.

Ava provides the dome cameras in a try and buy environment. The typical installation for Ava is comprised of a camera, a cloud subscription per camera and that’s it. For environments with legacy cameras, there is a gateway that provides unified access to the AI cloud solution, bypassing the need to reinvest for cameras that are already there. Price indication: a camera would cost app. 400 euros, the cloud license is app. 165 euros per year.


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