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Huddly L1, the wide angle conference camera

Smart video for larger rooms: Huddly brings new dimensions with the L1 camera

Huddly is one of the youngest players in the professional conferencing hardware arena. Debuting in 2018 with Huddly Go, the Norwegian camera manufacturer now plays a prominent role in the video conferencing world, with professional partnerships with Zoom, Crestron and Google, to just name a few.

With the introduction of Huddly L1, the conference camera specialist grows from cute to adult. The line up of product now features small huddle room cameras, hence the name, but also a smart whiteboard solution, and the newly introduced wide angle camera for medium and large rooms.

Huddly L1, conference camera
Huddly L1 Teams conference camera, close up look from above.

An AV installer’s nightmare includes a camera that just doesn’t grab the entire group in the room and is also one of the most sensitive components in a meeting room. Traditional PTZ cameras (pan, tilt, zoom) are subject to mechanical parts that tend to lose their effectiveness and sharpness over time, and are also subject to many servicecalls because of their mechanical parts. By removing mechanical parts, Huddly delivers a camera that is silent, consistent, and instant for all desired movements including closeup and adjusting the sharpness. Conventional cameras have lenses, rings and entire bodies that move around and Huddly has a 5 by 2 inch body (3 inch deep) that also saves space and fits better under or above displays.

The camera brings numerous AI aspects that are extremely interesting. Multi-layered CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) is just one of them: the camera can instantly identify visual patterns and detect people and objects. Genius Framing is the technique that detects people within its entire field and zooms in and out to frame them for best conferencing experiences. That same technique can count people and allows future developments using the API (application programming interface) to unleash smart analytics or bring purposeful meaning, like bringing the exact number of coffees to the room, knowing how many participants are in there. Or simply analyse how much a specific room is used during a month. Understanding lighting conditions the camera will optimally filter and apply white balancing techniques, providing constant image correction and exposure which brings vivid images at all times.

Another interesting aspect is the 6K image sensor, that doesn’t just bring more pixels but is used to grab details, enable the AI features and is the heart of the imaging technology that more and more works like the human eye.

Huddly cameras are software upgradable and thereby increase their intelligence over time. The minimalistic design is greatly appreciated by numerous companies and all together that makes Huddly a favourite for audio visual installers, room administrators, users and anyone involved in operating Zoom or Teams room systems.


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