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Poly TC8 X30 Room

Poly and StarLeaf engage in powerful collaboration

StarLeaf, the founder of cloud based video conferencing as we know it today, and Poly, world’s most versatile supplier of UC hardware and peripherals, join forces in a partnership that brings the best in both parties to the customer.

The closely integrated product is focused on the customer looking for an unbeatable price quality relationship for cloud solutions, matching superb hardware. Needless to say that the combination is all about experience.

The set up is relatively easy for the integrator or administrator. Compatible Poly Endpoints are X30, X50 and G7500 (with a wider variety of cameras available). All equipment requires Poly’s TC8 remote touch control. And on the side of StarLeaf, the license is required. And this makes the best combination possible.

Poly X30 video bar with TC8 touch remote control, featuring StarLeaf.

When launching just 7 years ago, StarLeaf revolutionised the video conferencing world with utterly simple to manage video conferencing infra structure. The first cloud based video conferencing service as we know it today, eliminated the need for complex infra structure hardware and enabled customers to adopt video conferencing in a pay as you go model.

Lifesize, Cisco, Avaya and some other vendors soon followed this model and Poly (f.k.a. Polycom) focused on partnerships with Zoom and Microsoft. Infra structure hardware soon diminished and cloud was key. Traditional markets followed as well, although in rare cases, certain organisations in a limited number of counties, still require on premise video conferencing infra structure.

Zoom, and in particular Microsoft, are among the parties that wish to dictate how users must experience video conferencing and draw video conferencing back decades in time by creating non-standards based video conferencing. Although these proprietary platforms do have their enormous footprints, there are numerous customers out there with a need to improve quality, flexibility, manageability and value for money. Cisco, StarLeaf and Lifesize typically offer this.

The Poly and StarLeaf partnership allows the best in class hardware to run on the finest cloud based infra structure. Obviously the partnership also raises questions, like “would StarLeaf continue to create hardware”, which is a logical question, because Poly’s X30, X50 and G7500 is a line up of hardware that is near impossible to beat.


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