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Logitech Scribe – Modernising Whiteboarding

Logitech Scribe is a whiteboard camera for Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom appliances. Compatible with any other video conferencing application as a USB-connected camera.
With a simple tap on the wireless share button, Scribe AI lens presents whiteboard content during video meetings with a transparency effect allowing attendants to see the content crystal clear without interference from the presenter.

Every single attendee of the meeting, location independent, can have the golden front row centred seat ticket to fully focus on the meeting and its shared content resulting in an engaging, coherent video conferencing experience.
Logitech Scribe’s minimalist design enhances its adaptability for any meeting space for future hybrid workflows of both remote and on-site employees. This flexibility in workflows translates into the future of hybrid learning. Modernising the familiar whiteboard into virtual classrooms for more active interactions between teacher, remote students, and their peers.
With any whiteboard and the simplicity to share with Logitech Tap or the wireless button allows educators to jump right into their class content of the day without wasting time on technical difficulties or worries that their students won’t be able to follow and see what’s being presented.
Logitech Scribe AI lens removes the educator, automatically enhances the colour and contrast of dry-markers, and detects sticky notes making text and sketches easier to read for the students eliminating all excuses of not being able to grasp the information and simply learn and collaborate with intention.

Introducing Logitech Scribe – AI Powered Whiteboard Camera for the Modern Workplace.

“Logitech Scribe works because it takes advantage of what people already know how to do: pick up a marker and draw on a whiteboard,” commented Scott Wharton, general manager and vice president, Logitech Video Collaboration. “Now, we’re able to elevate non-digital collaborative content for everyone to see in high fidelity while being extremely easy to use and share, thanks to its compatibility with today’s most popular cloud services like Teams and Zoom.”


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