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Sleek home office! DTEN ME Zoom For Home

DTEN, a San Jose-based company, collaborates with Zoom to create video conferencing appliances for Zoom customers’ home offices.

Knowing that Zoom is a SaaS-only company, these collaborations with hardware companies are creating coherent solutions such as DTEN ME. A compact and lightweight 27″ LED touchscreen with Zoom software preloaded including three smart HD cameras, eight noise-reducing microphone arrays, and quad integrated speakers for clear sound.

Screen sharing content on DTEN ME through ultrasonic pairing with a laptop

This all-in-one device makes it even easier to share content and annotate with whiteboarding capabilities for a more interactive collaboration between colleagues or partners. Creating a smooth transition from old-fashioned in-person meeting to a virtual work from home environment. With Ultrasonic pairing technology just connect your laptop to DTEN ME for screen sharing to share the content needed to other participants. Even when not in a meeting DTEN ME can be used as a secondary monitor to organise the individual workflow even better.

To make it even more user-friendly, synchronisation with calendars and contacts is easy and a quick overview of meetings in a menu is prompted for a simple one-tap join-in function to meet seamlessly at the scheduled time avoiding any delays due to unnecessary, incomprehensible ways to simply join or start a meeting.

Many have experienced having to download Zoom on a phone or other devices not knowing how to navigate or join a meeting which wastes time trying to figure out how to connect with external contacts. That’s why DTEN ME saves time by having it all in one place without having to download anything and jump in a meeting with one simple tap with a display that can be easily moved around the home.

Zoom for Home is a category Zoom started to create more hardware and software products that Zoom certifies as optimum for home offices. DTEN ME is the first certified Zoom for Home device but won’t be the last since more devices are on the timeline such as Poly Studio X Series, Neat Bar, and more. This is probably a better attempt at bringing a large display for video calling purposes at the remote workforce market than Facebook’s attempt with Portal removing the privacy insecurities all of us have.


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